Building professional websites for the veterinary world.

From one vet to another

All web designs are created by me, Andreia Dias, also a vet with experience in clinical practice – making it easier for your vision to become a reality.

Complete Package

I will build you the website, but it doesn’t end there – websites are not meant to grow stale! I will also provide training so that you know how to use your website, and I can host your website for you. 

A website, a growing business


Having a personalised and attractive website increases your practice reputation and brings forward your professionalism and expertise. 



You will get one more channel to spread the word about your work, the possibility to contact your clients and collect data. 


You can use your practice website to establish yourself as an authority in pet health by publishing high quality articles and information. 

New clients

Your website is another tool to attract new clients via a quick Google search, something you can’t do with social networks. 

“The internet is becoming the town square to the global village of tomorrow.”

– Bill Gates


Complete Package

In order to have your website online, you will need a domain and a hosting account. Then you need to build the website. The complete package includes all these services so you don’t have to worry about anything – just enjoying your website!

Website Design

I build websites using a platform called WordPress. If you already have a hosting plan and some experience with cPanel and WordPress, this option is great to have your website either tweaked or completely revamped.

“We are now all connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain.”

– Stephen Hawking

Price Guide Tables

Design Package

  • WordPress installation if not already done
  • Plugins installation or addition
  • Premium theme with lifetime updates
  • Design and creation of a 5-page website (homepage, services, about us, contacts, blog/gallery/other) or editing of the existing pages
  • Training for the edition of the website pages
  • Domain registration
  • Hosting
  • Email accounts
  • Content (texts, images, videos)

Prices include VAT at 20%.

Working with me

1 - First contact

The first step is to contact me about your project and arrange a phone conversation to discuss what you are looking for and whether I can offer it to you or not. 

2 - Proposal

After the first meeting, if you are interested in working together you will receive a service agreement and an estimate for the work to be carried. You may ask clarifications about any subject I may have failed to address during the first conversation. 

3 - Project begins

After receiving payment, I will start domain registration, installing the website and creating email accounts. After that I create the first design for each of the website’s pages. 

4 - On the right track

Once the first design is created, we speak on the phone again to finalise design details and address anything you would like to change. Once the design is completed, we arrange another meeting where you will learn how to use your website. Training material will be available on your own website for you to consult at any point. 

About Me

Andreia Dias

Andreia Dias

Veterinary Surgeon and Entrepreneurial Spirit

I trained as a vet and since 2014 have been working in Scotland, when I also started my very first website alongside by mixed practice job. However, even before Uni I was already dedicated to arts and programming, having created my own website on Wordpad (bit easier now!!!). My goal is to serve the veterinary community using my knowledge, skills and passion.

And cuddling my three cats and my horse! 


  • WordPress Experience
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SEO

Ongoing projects

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